Our goal is to accelerate our students into their careers with fully accredited college courses that are completely transferable.

Our graduates will not only be able to finish out their undergraduate degree at any university in the country, but they will leave with personalized, hands-on ministry experience giving them a competitive edge for their future.

The only question is, which path is for you?



Spiritual Development

SEUVC students will have the unique opportunity to participate in their own weekly chapel, as well as many of Southeastern University’s incredible services. SEU’s chapels are exciting and engaging services specially designed for college age students to have the opportunity to encounter God in life-changing ways.

Game Day

With Victory Field just a few miles up the road, SEUVC students will be able to participate in the excitement and tradition of Game Day. From tailgating to the student section, our students will get to experience the rush of being a part of the Fire! 



SEUVC students will have the chance to build lifelong relationships through the many activities, social events, and team building that will take place.  Central Florida is home to a vast array of opportunities to accomplish this, from some of the best beaches in the world, to a wealth of theme parks. Get ready for the best-in-class student experience!



Weekly Schedules Include;

1.     Chapel (Wednesdays)

2.     Academics (Mondays & Wednesdays)

3.     Practicum

4.     Socials


Your Journey.

Every student’s college journey is unique, and so is your schedule at SEUVC. Student’s weekly schedules will be custom designed based on your chosen practicum path to maximize your academic development, hands-on training, and social experiences. 

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